February 01, 2007

Bkt Cahaya: 12 Dummies

phew.. finally got back from bkt cahaya and summit square. 12 of us went for cycling.
the 'not so good' thing we discover is abt the environment in bkt cahaya. i've not been there for abt 9 yrs, but wat i felt after this trip is, "why the part is not taken good care of?" "isn't it a waste?"
the 'good' thing is the renting of the bike is not expensive. haha..
but the 'best' thing i found is.. the love and care among these people who went for the trip. it's great to see that when somebody seems to be not capable, but still can see none of us complain, but helping and encouraging each other.
dear brothers and sisters.. did u feel that? hope we can continue to walk side by side, learning from each other, and be salt and light to the world! let the world see the differences in our life!

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