February 22, 2007

10 months

Today is our tenth month of marriage life.
How's my feeling now? hm.. wonderful.
Being somebody's wife is a life-long lesson, like being a Christian, whom is also a bride of Christ. Non of us is perfect, and non of us can guarantee make our spouse happy everyday. Just because we are sinful. Although we are Christians, we still carry the sinful nature, which requires us to fight against it EVERYDAY TILL THE DAY WE DIE.
FIGHTING AGAINST OUR SINFUL NATURE is not easy, but it teach us to rely on GOD, and NOT TO BOAST ourself. For we have to know we are weak, fragile, and satan wants to destroy us, destroy our relationship.
Same in marriage life. I have to choose to protect it, or to destroy it. I have to choose to be angry, or to forgive. I have to choose to ignore, or accept. I have to choose, I have to make decisions, I have to love, everyday. Till I die.
As we made our vows in front of so many witness, we are swearing before God, that "Till death do us apart". I wish to celebrate 10 years, 20 years, 30, years, 40 years, even 50 years anniversary of marriage. I believe you want that too!

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