January 02, 2008

07...08... return...

blessed new year!
just came back from dinner with the in-laws.. and before that, spent a night to celebrate new year with my lovely brothers and sisters, spent time doing "nonsense", but yet, fun..

i feel a little bit regret by spending time like that, but i don't know will i have any other chances doing such things with my dear friends.. :p

since the last day of year 2007, until today, this moment, lots of things are running in my mind.
stupid things happening in this beautiful country, changes in the church, what kind of life that please our Almighty Sovereign Father, what kind of hindrances that holds my friend back from faith, what kind of emotional bondage that holds my other friend from leaping forward....
so much things are happening as time goes by.. so fast that my emotion and feelings couldn't digest it one by one.

i can only sigh and pray. "Oh Father, how are you feeling now?"

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