September 26, 2006

4 yrs 5 mths

dear God,
thank you for allowing me to be married with philip, my dearest husband. I know he is now prepared to travel, for your work, and i'll be missing him for few days, and i know i'll be alone for these days.. You know how much i miss him, and how much i need him. You know how much we love each other.. although we feel sad when we have to separate, and we even cry, but deep down in our hearts, we know that You will protect us, give us strenght, and health, to continue serving You. we know from Your words, telling us that You love us more than anything. we knew You are the Only faithful God. I commit him in Your hands, and i believe You will bring him back to me, safe and healthy.
thank You for allowing us to learn the lesson, totally depend on You alone. You alone deserve all praise, You alone are our Father.
in Jesus name I pray,

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