April 05, 2006

Who shall cry like this?

Yesterday evening, around 6-7pm, Philip and I went home to cook dinner, preparing for leaving at 8.15pm to meet the rest of the group to visit Pn. Lim at Kuchai. In the midst of cooking, we heard a terrible crying sound, voiced from outside. The cry of the kid, i assume it's a he, crying like being tortured, terrible punished, being hit, and he held the gate and shoke it, crying and shouting "No! No! No!!!"
The first time the cries was being heard was before i get into the house, but Philip was sleeping in the night, andn the cries was from the same boy. The first time Philip heard the boy, he was crying and shouting as well, "不要,爸爸不要!!!" this cry continued until Philip can't sleep, and felt very sad about it.
We are new here, staying in this block. Actually if we all talk aloud, our neighbours will hear us. And this cry is shaking the whole block. Eventually we found that the cries are from our upper unit. We guess it's just above our unit. And when our door is opened, the cries are even more clearer.. I can't stand with the cries, and i felt very very sad and i teared for the boy, praying to God "save the boy from harm, deliver him from evil.." until i can't continue cooking.
Who shall cry like this?

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