July 05, 2006

i have a 'daughter'

i have a 'daughter', but she is now lost in the world. i duno why she decided to do so, and it's more than a year, she changes and keep on changing.. everytime i 'accidently' meet her, i feel sad and speechless i duno shall i smile to her like last time? or shall i cry before her to tell her how sad am i? wat will God do if He sees His children swaying away from Him? i keep thinking about the parables taught by Jesus: 100 sheeps, 1 was lost, and He left the 99 sheeps, and go and look for the lost sheep. the sheperd loves the sheep, even one was lost. he will go and search for the sheep. how can i apply this parable to my life? please feel free to advice if you have any.

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