June 16, 2006

a Chat with mum

I'm glad to have a time sharing with mama yesterday night. After few weeks not meeting each other, i can feel deeply in her heart, she missed me.
I thank God that my mum can cook good food, simple and healthy meals, and willing to share her feelings, her thoughts to me. I'm glad I'm her good listener (although sometimes i wasn't), I'm glad I'm not married too far away. I'm glad that I have the courage to tell her "I love you", and I'm glad i see her smiling sweetly.
We had a time of prayer, where i led, to pray for mama's health, her spiritual life, her walk with God, her understanding in the Bible, her communication with other people, her husband (my dad), her 2 other daughter (my 2 sisters)... and so on.
My tears actually started to fall when i started to pray. But we actually are having joy deep in our heart although we see strugglings, troubles, people fails around us. But God is faithful and mercyful.
Thank you Lord.
Bless my mum in her days.
Mama, I love you very much!

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